Friday, September 04, 2020

and almost bedtime

 Got the first batch of grading (a set of homework assignments and a set of short papers for another class) done. Started the exam for next week (am about 1/4 of the way done). Mowed the lawn, edged the sidewalks and got rid of the tall straggly "undesirable" grass. Used the shovel (first tried my snow shovel, found I needed something pointier, got the garden shovel) to scrape the accumulated silt out of the "western drainage" (think: gutters but not with storm sewer openings) in front of my house so the next heavy rain we get won't pond up at the foot of my drive. 

I'm tired. Going to bed very soon.

And yes, I'm still going tomorrow. Going to go as early as I can get off (ideally at 8:30; JoAnn's opens at nine and I'd like to be there shortly after they open because they will be less crowded and will be more likely to have been cleaned and sanitized overnight). 

I've decided if they have any neat Hallowe'en stuff out, I am going to buy it. I might "do" Hallowe'en this year - I normally don't. (Oh hey, I wonder if my "spider light" strand still works - I could get that out). But I feel like there's been little to celebrate and if a few silly decorations make things  a little better, I am doing it. There probably won't be trick-or-treating this year - that was what I did in the past, handed out candy - but maybe this year I decorate a little and, I don't know,make pumpkin cookies for myself or something? I am not into horror movies so I won't be watching those - though if there are Hallowe'en cartoons that are more funny than scary or gory, I'd watch that. 

So maybe seeking out a couple fall or Hallowe'en decorations will be a thing.

I want to get more fat yarn - when I finish my ray, I am making one as a gift (slightly belated birthday gift, but whatever) for a friend who will appreciate it. 

And I just want to be out. I keep telling myself it will be okay, I will stay far away from people and will wear a mask. I won't lie and say I'm not apprehensive, but there comes a point where never doing ANYTHING fun - especially when you are working in-person where exposure is possible - also becomes untenable. 

And I have my Kroger's list. I had to add a couple things; I have to make a batch of bar cookies, a former member of the church died and they are wanting to have the funeral and reception there. (I don't think I'll go. I'll bake the cookies and drop them off and won't work the reception unless I'm asked. I did for Charlene when her husband died, but I knew both of them quite well, and I wanted to do it for Charlene. But this go round - I don't have the same attachment to the people. Oh, if I'm asked, I will, but she didn't ask when she asked me to make the cookies, so I presume that means I'm off the hook. 

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