Thursday, August 29, 2019

Now, that's better

My friend Charles (over at Dustbury) has unfortunately been chased from his house for several days because of the horrible OKC power outages (I had no idea how bad they were until late in the day Tuesday, it was shockingly bad, and then O G and E had the rotten luck of a load of their new power poles being involved in an accident).

Anyway, stuck in a hotel and doubtless bored, he DMed me his cell number. And I was sitting at home this evening, kind of bummed out after another bad day (just....too much stuff, and still sad).

And so I called.

I'm glad I did. I guess he needed someone to talk to but as it turns out so did I, and I don't like to call my mom *too much* these days (or other people I've leaned heavily on) and having someone actually say "hey please call me" meant I didn't feel like I was imposing on them (that's a big problem with me and phone calls, I'm afraid I'll put the person out by calling them, so having someone ask me to call is nice).

I will also say my landline is definitely better than my cell. I called Purlewe last night and Laura today and both times I had bad dropouts or points where I couldn't hear them. But I could hear this call fine.

We talked for quite a while. It's actually been ages since I had a marathon phone conversation - in fact, it takes me back to middle-school days when my school friends and I could talk on the phone for hours, until one of my parents would come stomping up the stairs (I used the second phone, which was in their room, for a bit more privacy) and tell me to get off the line.

We talked about...just stuff. Sharing stories, commiserating a little. It was fun and like I said - I don't think I've had the opportunity to have a genuine just shoot-the-bull phone conversation in a while. Maybe I babbled a bit, I never know. I do tend to go into golden-retriever mode, even when it's someone I kind of "know," because I do want to be liked.

I hope it cheered you up, Charles. It actually did wonders for me, I find.

And yes, I've said that extra little prayer that your power's on by tomorrow afternoon. Here's hoping...

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CGHill said...

It was definitely something I needed. Thank you.