Monday, December 24, 2018

"Wes Anderson Christmas"

This was a commercial for H and M, but like some of the more high-concept (and European? Maybe?) store ads for Christmastime, it seems more sweet and less crass than many commercials I've seen. This one was from 2016, but I remember the Paddington Bear one from - I think it was last year?

And I know a lot of people make fun of the level of twee that Anderson incorporates into his work (and sometimes even I roll my eyes), but I also admit there's something alluring about it - the stylishness, the liking anachronistic things even if it's maybe a bit pretentious. (you didn't know me when I was a teenager, I was VERY pretentious. I used to wear a deerstalker hat in the winter, if you have any doubt).

And he does a certain existential loneliness well. It's not even an especially *sad* loneliness; it's more pensive. (Yes, a lot of his characters are depressed, but...on the whole, the films are not really depressing. Though I will say I might like a slightly more obvious redemption story to some of them).

This little commercial does maybe have a bit of a redemption story: yes, the people are going to miss Christmas at whereever they are going, but....they do wind up having a Christmas of sorts after all.

I guess this one gets filed under, "Making the best of a bad situation"

(That said: this reminds me why I travel well in advance of the holiday....)


anita said...

That was lovely! Thank you for posting it. (I don't have a TV, so I miss a lot of things like this.)

purlewe said...

OH I liked that. Wes Anderson and his linear style of shooting (think the scene where he goes from the office to across the hall) appeals to me sometimes. The colors are always just right. And I also miss these since I don't have cable tv. so thank you. I hope you had a good holiday with your folks!