Thursday, November 29, 2018

This is good.

Some days back, the funeral notice for a Nebraska veteran of the Vietnam war went viral; apparently Stanley C. Stolz had no family forthcoming when he died (apparently a couple siblings have since been found) and he was going to be buried alone.

But, because even though everyone tells you how awful the Internet is, it CAN also be used for good, a plea went out, both in the local newspaper and online: Would anyone care to honor this vet by showing up?

I figured people would.

Turns out, a lot of people did.

I saw this story on the local news this morning and my only response was "Good!"

No one should go unmourned. (With the possible exception of a few murderous despots, serial killers, or child molestors, but even they would have family, probably).

Even though there are a lot of terrible things you hear about in the world, probably on balance, most people are more desirous of doing the right thing. You just don't always hear about that.

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