Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A little treat

Trying to find pantyhose locally: WHAARRRRGARRRBLLLL.

In the past, Wal-mart carried what I used: the bog-standard kind of L'Eggs (the kind that come in the green box. "Everyday," is what I think they're called). They're cheap but they also don't last - I wound up having to try four times to find a pair without a runner in them this morning, and sometimes I run them on the first wearing.

Well, so. I needed some more milk, and I don't count on getting to Sherman this weekend, so I figured I'd pick up a thing or two so I have food.

I decided to hit the pantyhose section first, because I have a history of (without a list) forgetting the single most important thing I came for.

Yeah. This is what wal-mart now carries as "pantyhose":

1. Knee highs, which are useless to me (and uncomfortable). If I am wearing slacks, I am going to wear wool socks and chunky shoes, or one of my pairs of Blue Q socks (either the ones that scream "STOP TALKING" on the cuff, or the ones that say "Leave me alone, I'm introverting").

2. Very, very large sizes (3X or 4X). I take a Q, which is sometimes a 1X in other brands, sometimes is smaller than that. And they were all control top. Control top hose should be banned under the Geneva convention. Once or twice when I could get NOTHING else and wore them, I walked around all day going "Oh man, am I getting a stomach bug?" or even "Holy crap I think I'm getting appendicitis" and it turned out when I when home and took the dang things off, I was FINE.

3. "Silken Mist" L'Eggs in control top. First of all, control top always gets a hard nope from me these days. But the "silken mist" really means "Look at these and they will run"

4. Heavyweight black tights. Thanks, but I already have three pair and most of my clothes are in the family of colors that goes better with brown. (My kingdom for a couple pairs of good brown tights...

I did complain to the woman on duty in the ladies' department. She commiserated, noting that "Everyone liked the plain  L'Eggs better than what they have now"

(Okay, Wal-mart. THEN WHY DON'T YOU STILL CARRY THEM? I swear some days it seems that wal-mart is experimenting with "How desperate can we get people to be, that they buy crap they don't want?" Of course in my town which has little else, it's more likely than like in, say, my parents' town, where there is actually a Target and a couple other large stores)

So I ran across the street to Walgreen's. In the past they have not been so great but I thought, "Maybe they will have Hanes in non control-top"

Found two boxes of "size Q" plain old L'Eggs. In the color nude, not my preference (I prefer suntan), but fine.

They also had a few toys on sale, either BOGO or Buy one, get one 50% off. So I did buy myself a little treat - a couple of "Spirit, Riding Free" blind box horses. (Apparently this is a show for kids on Netflix, based on the Spirit horse movie of a number of years ago. Don't really care: it's toy horses, that's what I want).

They come in a cute barn box, with a saveable/reusable plastic fence, so the horse has a little "paddock":

(I got one of these before and got the titular* horse, Spirit. Here's hoping these are different.)

(*Titular is one of those words that makes my inner 12 year old giggle because the pronunciation I have heard - which may just be the British one, I don't know - sounds like TIT u lar.)

With the other one, I couldn't see a way to open it and keep the barn intact - maybe there is - but the barn is just cardboard.


Aw, sweet: a little donkey or burro:

They don't come named on the little "collect 'em all" sheet, so I don't know if he/she has a name or not. Maybe I can look the show up on Wikipedia and get the character names.


Womp womp. Double donkey. So now I have a second one. Oh well. I keep thinking maybe some day I will find someone to trade extra blind bags with or some thing to do with them - I suppose I could take the other one over to my office and put it on my desk. (And you kind of have to accept dupes with blind bags, unless you spend a lot of time researching the codes that are sometimes stamped on them)

But at least it was fun to get one different one....

ETA: And I called both painter dude and the tree dude's big-boss, and they are each coming tomorrow afternoon for me to pay them (and all the work is done), so I can now get into my pajamas.

No, ten minutes of 6 pm is NOT too early. You shut up.

(I think this is going to be an early night for me. I am TIRED even though I only taught one class - I updated review sheets for three of my four classes, updated the finals for three of my four classes, graded a stack of papers for Policy and Law, graded some late homeworks for Biostats (people were out sick and this one requires use of the stats program only available on campus, so....) and read and commented on four rough drafts for ecology)

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