Thursday, August 09, 2018

The weekend begins

I feel much better tonight than I did on Monday.

And I had a big, big surprise this afternoon. I had gone earlier and dropped off a check to contribute to the scholarship fund for our slain student. It wasn't a LOT of money, but it was something, and it was what I felt I could comfortably give at that point.

Came home, cleaned the house a little (which also contributes to me feeling happier), had my piano lesson (it went well) and then I went to look at the mail.

I had known my new Interweave Knits came and I was looking forward to looking at that, and I saw that the little packet of vintage Barbie clothes had come, and was looking forward to opening that up after dinner.

I had not seen a large envelope from church. When I looked at the mail just now, I thought, "Nice, they sent me a thank you card for doing the devotional a couple Sundays ago."

Nope, not just a card (though there was a nice card). There was a card and A CHECK.

They have a standard pay schedule for people doing "guest preaching" (I know, because I have been on the board for years and we have discussed what is appropriate when we invite a minister from another church). But I didn't expect a check because I'm not ordained, so I'm not really official....I know the other guy who does "emergency fill-in" gets sent checks but he is ordained (sort-of). (I also know he usually returns the money, so....that raises a bit of an ethical dilemma for me. I will have to think on it. Maybe I donate at least part of it to the music-scholarship fund... )

But yeah. I mean, I'm doing OK, financially - I can afford the trip tomorrow without worrying so it's more a "vote of confidence" than anything. (Though I also know the other guy returning the checks uncashed causes some consternation for the financial secretary, so....maybe I do deposit this and then just find a couple little ways to give at least some of it back).

But....yeah, once again I am taking it as a "that thing you did, that donation, was the right thing to do at the right time."

So anyway. I have a couple magazines to look at tonight (the Victoria came yesterday and I didn't have time to look at it). And I have plans for tomorrow:

- Whitesboro, go to Quixotic Fibers (which is on "summer hours" and has been closing at 2 pm so I will go there FIRST THING) and the quilt shop and maybe grab lunch at Lovejoy's, and maybe look at the antique shops there. Then run back to Sherman, go to JoAnn's for fun, maybe go to the yarn shop in Sherman (two yarn shops in one day! That is quite a thing.) And then go to the grocery store and stock up on food for the coming week.

And Saturday: either I'm going to work on the Augusta cardigan or start a new quilt top, I don't know which. And Sunday after church I am going to do more knitting or quilting, seeing as this is the "last hurrah" of summer, next week is my Week of Meetings. And then after that, classes start...

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