Friday, August 10, 2018

The vintage dresses

There were several - one was a package of four (well, one of the dresses may be a v. long skirt, it's hard to tell - no shaping and whatever was used to hold it up at the neck is gone). The other package had a little wool coat, and a pair of slacks that MIGHT actually have been for Ken, and a gauzy blouse, and a pair of tiny slides, that I thought "there's no way they will fit a modern Barbie" but they do and they're really kind of cute, so some day I may put them on the Gabby Douglas doll with something.

I decided to try the dresses on Olivia, and you know? I like her in these better than in the modern clothes. Maybe her "look" requires more tailored things?

vintage Barbie dress mini

I THINK this is a homemade/handmade dress but it had those big heavy "set in with a tool" snaps on the back. I don't know. I think my mom had some of those gripper snaps when I was a kid and she used them on outfits for my little brother. Anyway, I like this style - with waist shaping - better on her.

And I *really* love this maxi dress on her. Partly for the 70s-style print, partly for the design. I admit it: I kind of like maxidresses even though I know they'd make me look kind of dumpy because I'm not that tall and my legs aren't super-long (and I'm heavy. I think maxidresses are a better style for very tall and rather slim women. Princess-lines and knee-length skirts are probably a better look for me)

But yeah:

vintage barbie dress maxi

I liked the pink on her, but I think I'm going to leave her in this for a little while. And I think this inspires me to try my hand at making some clothes because (a) I can pick colors and prints that will actually work with her complexion (I think most of the commercial Barbie clothes are for the pale blonde Barbie and colors are chosen with that in mind) and (b) I can make them more detailed/more fitted, and again, somehow, Olivia's "look" seems to say to me "I am a woman* who appreciates clothes that aren't dumpy on me"

(*Okay, "doll," whatever)

It's funny - Gabby, because she looks to me like a high schooler, looks cute in almost anything. Cinnamon strikes me as someone who is a little more "outre" in her style, and who isn't afraid of maybe looking a little tacky (I put a halter top on her the other day and it worked...). Samantha seems to suit casual but floral clothes - I still have her in the dress I photoed her in the other day, and I think pastels work for her. But I think Olivia is maybe more fashionable? (Or, more fashionable-as-if-it-were-1977) and needs stronger colors and more tailoring....

And yeah, I admit, I like having my own little Project Runway thing going for my Barbie dolls. Don't judge me...

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