Thursday, April 05, 2018

Thursday early things

* Piano lessons start today. I'm glad; I like the added purpose and the feeling that I am doing something for me.

* Last night, I dug out some of the pink acrylic I had tucked away and decided to start crocheting the G4-ized G1 Heartthrob I had been thinking about. (I also want to do a Surprise, and maybe, sometime, a Waterfire, though I doubt I have the right colors in-stash for her. In the course of clearing out my guest room I found two large bags of the good polyfil, so I will have plenty of stuffing for her. (I also need to dig out the greys I bought a while back and get a good picture of Gabby Griffon - yes, I want to make a stuffie of her even if she was just a one-off character).

If I had more energy and time for designing I might try to make Silverstream (from the new season of Pony) in her Hippogriff form. I confess: I hope we see more of the "students' and that maybe they make plushies of some of them; I'd want a Silverstream and an Ocellus and maybe a Yona....

* I have sort-of the germ of an idea for summer research. Wrote up a bit of it Tuesday afternoon. It's a project that will go mostly unattended....and summer might not be the ideal time for it (too hot and dry) but at least I can do it as a pilot study, I guess. And I do have two papers coming out this year, and there's a third one I co-authored with a colleague in I am probably okay.

I am also contemplating for this summer:
 - revamping my ecology lectures and doing some updating of my knowledge in the areas that aren't part of my core research area (e.g., predator-prey relationships)

 - cleaning out and sorting my yarn and fabric stashes, and either donating a lot of stuff somewhere (ideally, somewhere I could drive to to drop it off so I don't have to spend lots of postage) or see if I can sell it through Ravelry's destashing or maybe give some of it away. I don't know. It's harder to use stuff in the stash if you have too much. And I'm tired of trying to store all of it, and like I said before, something in me rebels against what is fundamentally renting a separate "apartment" (storage unit) for my stuff.

and maybe, if that happens - look into how expensive having some rewiring done would be (they would need to go into the attic, and also, would need access to where the wires drop to) and have a few more outlets put in places where there aren't enough.

* Tomorrow is Science Fair Day. I guess I'm still glad I'm doing this even if it is an effort. (An exam is being given in my absence in my one class). The weather is not going to be great, though.

(Saturday is going to be cold and rainy. Well, I didn't plan on going anywhere. I just need to do a grocery run and I can do that locally. I suppose I'll go in to the office to grade my exams and write the one for next week.)

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