Monday, February 05, 2018

Greetings from bed

It was approximately 55 F in my lab today. The lab I had to be in, more or less, for four hours (long lab, students starting it as staggered times). My office was not much warmer.

It is cold outside. We are not going to break 40 F today.

I just got cold, and stayed cold. My hands hived up (cold triggers them), all the parts of me that randomly hurt sometimes (hip, ankle, that shoulder where I probably broke the collarbone about six years ago) is hurting.

So, as soon as I could get home, I got into pajamas, heated up buckwheat bags, and now am here:

I feel a little better but I think I am going to stay here to do Duolingo. Not sure what I'm going to fix for dinner, but I might default to the "for emergency" frozen mac and cheese I have. I sure don't have a lot of energy.

(And yes. That's Polaris' back paw, and you can see Big Mac and Fluttershy and a little bit of Meowth and Pinkie Pie and Rupert...I know my bed looks like a spoiled six-year-old's but I don't care.)

I'm hoping either (a) they get the heat fixed for tomorrow or (b) we actually DO get freezing rain and everything is cancelled.

ETA: as per an e-mail my chair forwarded, this is the sitch: "The circulating pump for the hot water heating system on the top floor has quit working. We are ordering a new one and as soon as it arrives we will install."

There was also a cheerful remark about how the building "may struggle to maintain 68 F."

I guess 55 F counts as "struggling"?

I'm dressing warmly AND bringing my space heater (mainly for the classrooms, do not have a free outlet in my office) tomorrow.  At least I should be able to get everyone in my "small" class to be willing to sit up front for once.

There's also a tiny chance we get freezing rain and everything shuts down and frankly I am rooting for that at this point.

I'm also going home as soon as my classes are over. I really need to get the car in for an oil change (and run to the Mart of Wal) but I am going to watch the weather closely; I could do the oil change Friday if I had to.

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