Sunday, November 12, 2017

why a stash....

Lots of people question having a "stash" of yarn. (They tend to be people who live near a yarn shop).

Well, I can tell you another "Why you have a stash" story. I started the gift-hat for AAUW and realized those "cake" type yarns change color FAR TOO SLOWLY to work with the hat pattern - it will look really stupid. So I thought, "Do I have a self-striper, that moves fast enough, and is worsted weight?"

About 10 minutes of searching turned up a long-ago Elann purchase, bought for one of those multidirectional diagonal scarves....but a couple balls of it could be repurposed into a hat (also, it's unlikely I'll make that scarf, anyway.

So, ta-da:
Hard to tell the colors, but it's white with multi and brown with multi, and you can see the colors change fairly fast, which is what this hat required. So now to rip out the acrylic (this is nicer yarn anyway: a wool blend) and restart....

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