Monday, November 13, 2017

Uploaded the rewrite

My student had a few suggestions, which I incorporated, and I made the last few stylistic changes. Uploaded it, plus my non-snarky comments to the editor about how I responded to the reviewers.

I heard back from him that "it shouldn't need to go out for another round of review" so, in the absence of other evidence, I am going to presume that means it's accepted.

This is a short video that pretty much sums up how I feel. (How I feel upon the completion of any big stressful work project, in fact:)

On top of that, I am afraid I'm getting a cold. My throat has been scratchy all day and I've felt cold despite it not being that cold (about 71 F) in my office. I have CWF tonight and I am no longer "in charge," so on the one hand I can just go and sit and not do anything....but on the other hand, if I'm contagious, I probably should not (one of the women has a husband undergoing chemo). I will take my temperature when I get home and if I have a fever, I'll call someone to explain why I won't be there).

I hope this is just allergies - it could be, given the dust I kicked up cleaning my bedroom yesterday - but a check of my temperature will tell me for sure.

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