Tuesday, October 10, 2017

the little things

I got to come home today for lunch. I don't get to do that OFTEN, but it's always good when I do.

I didn't get a cup of tea on Sunday (too busy) or Monday (got home past my self-imposed "no caffeine after..." window). So I made myself one now. I admit, I look forward to the tea as much as the food these days.

(I made "Chocolate Treat," an Adagio blend - chocolate and coconut and black tea and it really does taste like a cupcake or a truffle. I know tea snobs might sniff, but I like a lot of the flavored teas - and these are echt: actual coconut and chocolate nibs rather than (purely) "flavoring" in it. I will have to buy more when I run through this sample).

Anyway. I really looked forward to that cup of tea. And I had to laugh because I thought of something my mom told me after their trip to London (back in 2004 or so) - they had met up with a few other geologists (it was international meetings they were at; I think that was the year my dad was president of one of the societies he belonged to). One was from Belgium. (My mom described him as "a great, big guy: very tall and also very wide"). And how they went out one night to a pub for dinner, and the Belgian ordered a pint of beer, and when it arrived, he licked his lips and said, "Oh!  I have been waiting all day for this!"

At the time, I thought I'd never quite feel that way about something, but yea, I can see it now with me and tea. (I have never liked beer, and anyway, I think my personality/particular neurotransmitter weirdness probably benefits more from the slight stimulant/mood elevator in tea than it would the slight depressant of alcohol...)

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Lynn said...

I like trying different flavored teas. It was something I shared with my mom and I miss having someone to share and discuss tea with.