Tuesday, October 10, 2017

a little surprise

Driving in this morning, I noticed the signage warning of detours was gone. Didn't think anything of it until I got up to where I turn onto Wilson:

The bridge, just beyond Wilson, that's been out for rebuilding since this spring, is open again.

Two big things from this:

1. I am once again going to have to remember "look for oncoming traffic" after months of there being none (other than construction guys walking around). This is actually a thing even though it SHOULD be automatic; doing it at 7 am in in the dark when I'm still kind of tired means I will have to consciously think "Okay, is there anyone coming South?" for at least a few days before it becomes automatic again.

2. Hopefully this will put an end to people using Wilson and driving too fast for it, and "taking their half out of the middle" and all the other foolishness that made me worry about getting into a head-on collision going in to work.

This does also mean for people who live on the wealthier side of town, it's now easier for them to get down to where the rest of us are. (Though maybe they have some secret way to get to the grocery stores - if they even use the local ones instead of always going to Dallas. For a while I almost wondered if there was a secret grocery store in town I didn't know about, but I'd hope that if there was, someone would be kind enough to tell me, even if I AM in the 99%)

Hopefully also this means some road crews are freed up to fix the several truly horrific potholes in town, several of which have simply been cordoned off (one on MAIN STREET, for goodness' sakes) for weeks.

(Unrepaired road damage - when it's bad enough to damage a car, and these potholes definitely are - gives me the same uneasy feeling as walking into the Wal-Mart and seeing lots of empty shelves: kind of a weird dystopian, "no one's minding the store" and "no one is doing their job and I can't do it for them" type feeling)

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