Sunday, October 08, 2017

Ponies at home

They're pretty when the sun shines through them.


(G1 Sparkler and G3 Sew-and-Sew. Most of the G1 ponies are not translucent; it seems more of the G3s are. I also hope the light exposure doesn't damage them, but then it IS filtered through the window, and anyway, these are not meant to last forever....)


Other than that, I'm tired. I did get some satisfying work done yesterday, and I did the "good work" today of visiting a few people who have not been able to get out to church (the minister and I took communion to them). This was easier than it might have been, because the people (one woman - the recent widow I talked about a while back, and a couple) were people I had known well in my early years here, and was friendly with, so we had things to talk about.

The man of the couple has had some rather extensive facial surgery. He lost an ear (malignant melanoma) and also suffered some nerve damage (he says it's permanent, I hope the doctors are wrong on that for his sake) that causes his mouth to droop on one side, and also gives him issues with that eyelid. I was kind of prepared for the change in his appearance (the woman who regularly visits people commented on how changed he was) BUT emotionally and intellectually he was the same as he always was, so after the first few moments of surprise (and dear God I hope it didn't register on my face, I tried not to let it), it was back to being as it was before and he was easy enough to talk to. (His wife, also, although she has Parkinson's and has some difficulties with her voice).

Whatever health issues my dad has (mostly mobility related), it could be far worse than it is...and I am once again grateful for my robust health, and hope that it continues for a good long time.

But yeah. Was pretty much "peopled out" after the afternoon. And these were all people I like and care about!

(I did get a hug from Ann - the widow we visited - which was nice. I miss her. I hope she's right about the doctors saying they might get her back issues sorted to the point where she can come back to church).

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purlewe said...

Last week I had a whole week of being really burnt out, like beyond crispy fried. And I started going to bed like 2 hrs early (I know this likely isn't an answer for you, as you always go to bed early) and I had to do it like for a whole week, go to bed early, stay in bed until I *had* to leave for work. But after about 7 days I finally feel like myself and not someone who is going to snap like a rubber band. I hope you find the thing that works for you. Extra love and patience coming your way from here.