Saturday, October 07, 2017

Change of venue

Worked for a while over at my office. Got an exam mocked up (provided I get as far on Monday as I think I will). Decided to just send what I had done on the rewrite back to my co-author with the note that I had done what I could, I couldn't find more references, I had other stuff that was more urgent I had to do, AND I wasn't feeling entirely well from the flu shot.

Came home, had lunch (a noodle bowl thing: I found one of those instant ones that (a) has nothing I am allergic to (it is a ginger-onion one) and (b) is low enough in sodium). There was a message from the local quilt shop: my latest quilt was done.

They were open until 3 today, but would be back open on Monday (but I don't get Monday off, despite it being a Federal holiday).

I decided to take a "friendship lesson*" from this morning's My Little Pony and say, "I deserve to do things that make me happy some times" and went and picked it up.

(*It counts as a friendship lesson, I think, if you are being kind to YOURSELF. Especially when you are sometimes not inclined to be, as I am)

That made me feel better. Partly because: hey, new quilt once I get a binding on it, but mainly because the women there are so positive and so friendly and it makes me feel good to go there. I bought a little piece of red feedsack-style fabric (it has tiny printed cross-stitch style hearts in white on it) for the binding, and oohed and aahed over the new fabric they have in, but kind of laughingly told the young woman I wanted to finish one or two tops before I buy any more. (Truth).

I grabbed a photo of it. It's not that great of a photo, and of course it's not bound yet, but here it is:

quick quilt photo

That top is at least 10 years old; it is made from the Mary Engelbreit line of fabrics she had out maybe a dozen years ago. High time I got it done. Also, it's almost kinda sorta Christmasy; I might put it out on the futon during the season.

I will post a better photo once it's bound (probably next week at the earliest: tomorrow I have homebound Eldering, which will take much of the afternoon, and I have two evening meetings next week....hopefully I can do a bit of the handsewing maybe during NCIS Tuesday).

And now, I have to dive into the Land Use stuff I thought I had sorted but didn't. But the reason I came home was that I wasn't feeling great (flu shot) and I thought maybe a shower and being able to work in a more comfortable (both physically and emotionally) setting would be better. So here I am:

Greetings from Fort Too Many Stuffed Animals.

Hopefully I can get at least a bit of the next lectures knocked out this afternoon and evening.

(No, working in my bed does not seem to give me insomnia.)

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