Sunday, July 09, 2017

the newest quilt

My plan for this afternoon is to finish cutting all the background bits for the "birb" quilt, and maybe even start a bit of sewing on it, but as I was cutting, I noticed the sun had come out, so I decided to run out and take a photo of the newest quilt - the one I put the binding on last week.

This is the one I got done at Lulu and Hazel's and I'm contemplating my stack of unquilted tops to decide which one I want to take down there next to get done - whether to do the "crossfire" quilt top I just finished, or take an older one and get it done. (I have one older top with some Mary Engelbreit fabrics that I already have the backing sewn up for; I would just need to press it off again)

Anyway. I decided to grab some photos of the quilt while the sun was out:

book of stamps long shot

It's a lot paler fabrics than I normally use, but I think it makes the quilting stand out more.

book of stamps finished

The fabric is one of those jelly roll cuts (for the "stamps) plus some coordinating yardage for the "frames" of the 16-patches.

book of stamps back

I chose a grey for the back (there are greys, and also sort of a taupe, mixed in with the peach and teal). The yellow flowers pick up the little bit of yellow in the front. I tend to prefer a print fabric for the back of my quilts even if it is more expensive than a plain color.

book of stamps close up 2

And here's a close up, showing the binding. I've come to  like darker or more intensely-colored bindings on my quilts; they seem to "frame" them well.

I'm pretty happy with it. Right now, of course, it's too hot for a quilt on the bed. (I still have one "to look at" but wind up peeling it back when I get into bed at night). One thing I didn't mention in my post about yesterday's trip: Kroger's already had a back-to-school aisle going on, and JoAnn's already had halloween and fall decorations up. (It's slightly unsettling, 4+ months before halloween, to round the corner of an aisle and see simulated cat and dog skeletons on display). On the one hand, it makes me sad because it makes me feel the ever-accelerating passage of time (I have just over a month left to lick this new class into shape) but on the other hand, I find it oddly comforting to remember there will be a time when it won't be 110 in the shade and things like sleeping under a quilt is appealing....

but yeah, it seems *awfully* early for halloween stuff....

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purlewe said...

I love your new quilt and I really love that you have a new place to take your quilts to a longarmer.