Sunday, July 09, 2017

new top begun!

So I got all the cutting done, and decided to do one trial block first (just to be sure everything fits together correctly; it is not impossible for a pattern to have errors).



I am super pleased with this. It came out very nicely, and what I can do now is just happily motor on with the sewing - first doing the "flying geese" units (the triangles) for a bunch, then, as I feel like it, putting them together into blocks.

This is the first "just one color" quilt I have ever made and I have to admit the idea of it (as well as the execution, at least as far as I can see here) pleases me a lot. And it also amuses me, because I can call it my "birb" quilt.


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Lynn said...

It's lovely! I love the pink. I really need to finish a quilt top so I can start quilting again. It's been months!