Sunday, June 04, 2017

the new quilt

I started (well, I cut) the "birb" quilt today. I got allllllll the pieces of the bird-print fabric cut.

And by allllllll I mean enough for 17 regular blocks and 14 half-blocks - what the pattern calls for. Yes, I did not have to use any of the "orb print" fabric. I started cutting, got all the half-block parts cut, and then cut the "big" central squares for the blocks and thought, "huh, maybe I'll just cut enough for 17 and see if I have enough for the little rectangles and squares I need"

And I cut carefully. Got most of them (enough for 14 whole blocks) done, stopped to measure....and turns out I had enough fabric to cut all the pieces I needed, with about a 42" by 5" piece left over.

So I guess, moral of the story is: sometimes quilt patterns overestimate the amount needed just like knitting patterns (especially the larger sizes*) overestimate yarn needed.

pieces for "birb" quilt

Here are all the pieces of the "feature" fabric (the background is just going to be plain white Kona cotton), and also the pattern I am using. (It's written for one fabric, but you could easily do it with more than one, or as a scrap quilt, if you wanted.)

And here's a close-up of the "birb" fabric:

birb fabric

I've never done a quilt with just two fabrics, so this is something new. I'm kind of excited for this, I think it will work up well.

(*Usually, I think, commercial knitting patterns are made first from the smallest size and then they often scale up from there - sometimes not, I think, actually knitting them to be sure of the yarn amounts. And anyway, it's better to have too much than to run short)

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Anjeanette Milner said...

WAHOOO! Birb Quilt success! (or at least successful cutting.) YAY!