Saturday, June 03, 2017

the little things

I love small toys. I love vintage toys and I love "blindbox" type toys, even though there's the risk of getting a repeat of one you already have. (I wish I knew other people collecting the Monster High Minis; I have a number of duplicates I'd love to swap for ones I don't have).

Anyway, this was a pleasing little toy I bought today. A "Qee" brand (I think that's the company - a Japanese brand) Snoopy figure. There are bunches of these in different colors (not just standard Snoopy White). The one I got today is sort of teal colored and is lightly flocked, which makes it oddly pleasing to me. I've had him sitting next to me and I periodically "boop" his nose.

Yes, I know.

But bad things are going on in the world and there's sad stuff out there, and you take what happy little things you can find.

So, behold Teal Snoopy:

I boop his nose! (Yes, I am saying "Boop")

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