Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Tuesday evening random

Two of my three exams have been given (and graded). The biggest one (in terms of class size/effort in grading) is tomorrow.

This afternoon after I graded the soils exam I went out and cut a bunch of the brush that had come in in the side yard. Wound up stabbing myself pretty badly on a thorn. I really had to work to get it out, but I finally did - I am going to trust my 2013 TDaP is still good. (And it bled a fair amount after I washed it out).

I wound up getting a Braum's milkshake for dinner, but figured I needed to balance it, so I heated up some cauliflower tots. (Honestly, some of the fast food places should start offering these - with a side of marinara sauce for dipping - as a side order choice)


I got up to the point of dividing for the sleeves on Grasse Matinee this morning in the exam. There's....still an awful lot of knitting there. (All the body from the bottom of the sleeve on down). I like sockweight yarn sweaters but you have to be patient with them.


The mockingbirds that were building a nest in my abelia bush apparently had at least one baby - I carefully peeked in when they weren't around and I saw one little head poking up. It could be they just had one egg, or only one has hatched yet, or maybe I couldn't see any other babies.

I think this summer, with not teaching (so: not working around solvents), I am going to do my nails (FINGERnails) more regularly. Right now I swapped out the blue "rainbow dash" color for Angelic, a very pale Revlon pink that I didn't like on my toes because it was too subtle - but it's right for my fingers because of that barely-there quality.

I've also been staying up a bit later and I wound up getting slightly hooked on the re-runs of "Bob's Burgers" that Cartoon Network shows. I know, I know: it's often a bit rude and crude and yet, there's something kind of endearing about the characters (Louise is my favorite but(t)* Tina is a close second)

(*this joke will make sense to those who watch the show)

It's kind of like what the Simpsons was before it got quite so preachy and full of itself. And the humor tends to be more situational/focused on the family's activities, and not topical - which is one of the problems with the recent seasons of Simpsons, they don't age all that well. And Bob's Burgers seems less afraid lately to just go totally off-the-rails absurd with stuff. (And I haven't seen most of the episodes, so even in re-run, they are new to me, though I HAVE seen the Edison one ("They'll say, awwww Topsy, at my autopsy...") numerous times now, it seems to be in heavy rotation.

And unlike some of the other adult swim shows (*cough*SethMacFarland*cough*), this one doesn't seem to be mean-spirited and I get the sense that the writers genuinely like the characters. (There is a Christmas episode where Louise has quite a moment of clarity - for those who watch the show, it's where they put on the Nice Capades, and Louise has them lying over-the-top to try to convince Santa that they need to be on the Good List.....and then she sees her face reflected in the ice and realizes she doesn't like what she's become with the lying. And it's kind of....amazing....because Louise usually presents herself as tough-as-nails and not sentimental at all....and yet, you know there's a decent little kid deep down in there under the layers of snark and cynicism)

It's still weird to me to hear Mabel Pines' voice coming out of Louise Belcher, though. (Same voice actress, and she has a very distinctive voice that she does not try to alter)


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