Monday, May 01, 2017

Some silly things

Because you need silly some times, especially with the world how it is today.

* This is one of those unattributed photos making the rounds (If I had an attribution, I'd give it)

"This is the Round Cat of Good Vibes. Look at it to cleanse your mind of negativity."


* I bought a copy of the (English translation of) volume 1 of "Interviews with Monster Girls." Some of the anime fans whose blogs I read have praised the animated series as being entertaining, and I thought the graphic novel might be interesting. There's at least a volume 2 and 3 if I like this one.

Yup. "Tom Jones," ancient-human archaeology, and Monster Girls. It's good to have diverse interests.

* I did go shopping today - that's how I got Interviews with Monster Girls. (There MUST be somewhat of an otaku community in the Grayson County area; the Books-a-Million has lots of manga, and they also have some excellent important blindbag toys - I bought a couple of Sumikko Gurashi blind bags ("Shy animals"). Haven't opened them yet.

Blindbags are my big treat these days. Probably a better treat for my health in the long run than cupcakes.

* The Five Below had "pet leg warmers." I tried to think of anyone I knew who had a pet that would wear them but came up empty. (I don't think my mom's friend Debbie's cat would wear them, and I know the little dog that is my parents' neighbors' dog is too warm in the summer so he wouldn't want them).

And then I thought: pets don't have to literally be alive.

Unfortunately, the only ones left in the smallest size were black with yellow dots, so they match fairly few of my Ponies. Except for Derpy. (Yes, I still have Derpy).

Actually, of the ponies I've made, Derpy is probably the one most likely to wear leg warmers - perhaps even moreso than Minty, who is all about the socks.

Unfortunately, it's set to get warm, so they might not seem fully appropriate. Oh well.

* I also bought a ton more of hair elastics; they were on sale, they had some glittery ones, and I need some new ones. (They tend to wear out over time: the elastic perishes.)

* I will say the way to get better service in a big-box type store? Shop on an early-weekday afternoon. For serious: there were TWO people working the checkouts at Ulta Beauty....the last weekend-time I was in there there was one poor harried woman and about 20 people in line.

Granted, one of the people working was a trainee - he was the one who waited on  me - but he did just fine, so I was able to get in, get my Pore-fessional (and a new lipstick, and a tube of tea tree foot scrub....) and get out.

Also it was easier checking out at the Five Below. And there was no wait at the Kroger's to check out.

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