Friday, May 05, 2017

This is nifty

I'm dropping this link here partly so I can find it again when I want it (Yes, bookmarks, but they don't always work neatly): Radiooooooooo. It bills itself as The Musical Time Machine - you pick a 20th C. decade, a country (not all countries are available) and a pop music style (fast, slow, "weird") and it will play music for you.

(They also apparently have Hawaii as a separate choice, and they have a "Le Club" which I have not checked out, and "Neverland.")

So far, I've sampled mid-century France and I have 1920s UK playing right now.

It would be fun for setting a mood at a party, or else for if you were writing something set in a particular time.

Apparently it's "crowd-sourced," in that people suggest songs, so I don't know how regularly things repeat, but it might be worth a listen. (Possibly also good for language-learning.)

(Neverland, I correctly guessed before clicking: it's "kid's" music.)

Oh, and they have Guilty Pleasures Island! Music you love but are afraid to admit you do. (Right now they are playing "Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc.)

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