Friday, May 05, 2017

hopefully a resolution

Finally heard back from the student with all the problems. That's the good news.

The bad news is I'm giving up my afternoon at home today to take care of this. I feel irritated and yet at the same time I will be glad to be done with this.

I've told myself I can buy myself some kind of a treat - and a "non zero" treat, too, so I don't mean just a blindbag pony or an ice cream cone - but I have to figure out what it is. It will probably have to be mail-ordered as there is NO!!! shopping in town really other than wal-mart. So I don't know.

I'm leaning towards some kind of doll for my re-invigorated* collection but I don't know what.

(*Re-invigorated, because I used to collect dolls when I was in high school, then quit for a while, and now, especially with Monster High, have got back into it again in a small way. I probably need to retrieve the favorites from my old collection from my parents' house and figure out somewhere to put up shelving for them)

Also, just a request: if your life is a mess and you know that other people are having to put themselves out to deal with that mess, DON'T spend a lot of time apologizing for being a "problem." Apologize ONCE, then do your damnedest to be as little of a problem  as possible. I've had the experience of people apologizing up and down and not making ANY effort (or so it seems) to fix the issues that are leading to them inconveniencing me, and I confess: it feels very false to me to have someone apologize for something but not try to fix it.

I dunno. The joke among profs is "I teach for free; they pay me to grade" but I'd amend that to "I teach and grade for free; it's dealing with other people they are paying me for."

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