Friday, April 28, 2017

That was bad

Yeah, it was a migraine. Probably started last night with the tooth pain. We're supposed to get storms - the weather channel is sounding ever so slightly Biblical about the situation - and I suppose that was the trigger.

I made it, barely, through the last five student presentations in class today. (Five. Why did there have to be five? Why couldn't there have been two, like on Monday, when we had a no-show and someone who had to move to Wednesday afternoon for logistical reasons*)

I did have them take a short break midway (these are 7-10 minute presentations and the first couple didn't quite hit the seven minute mark - I say "minimum of 5" though really 7 is better). Went and got some water and went and stood in the restroom to decide if the nausea I was suffering was enough to justify trying to vomit. (It wasn't, and I wound up not-vomiting at all, but it's rare that I do - usually I'm just nauseated)

I made it home (driving with a migraine is scary but I couldn't figure out any way to get both ME and MY CAR home without a lot of fuss - and I wanted my car home instead of in the lot up at school because we're supposed to get hail, or else I would have just had a colleague drive me home and then walked back up there at some point to retrieve my car).

I slept for about two hours. I feel better but not great. I didn't eat lunch so I am now having some applesauce and a cup of tea and some "einkorn" cookies (shortbread cookies using an ancient wheat, bought at the natural foods store)

I'm hoping the stronger quality and higher caffeine content of the Lifeboat tea helps. (This is a British brand - supposedly a small bit of the purchase price goes to support the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, which is kind of like our Coast Guard). It's a strong tea - mostly Kenyan leaves, I think - and seems to be fairly high in caffeine, and I find it works better than anything else when I'm feeling poorly in a way a little caffeine will help.

I can't take NSAIDs any more (stomach) so those are off the table - when I get a migraine like this really the only thing I can do is go to bed and hope I can fall asleep.

If I can get myself back together I might run out and see if the pharmacy actually called for the refill of my metoprolol like I asked them to. (I'm almost out, so if they didn't, it is a bit of a problem).

But I think I will leave grading the soils lab books for tomorrow.... I might stop by and check to see if any more showed up after I left campus. (They were due at noon, I got out of class at around 11:45, and I just couldn't sit around that extra 15 minutes)

(*She had her grandfather bring one of their mini horses so she could demonstrate how she made the biometric - girth and shoulder-to-hip length - as a way of testing a formula derived for estimating their body mass. And yes, that was perhaps a blatant ploy to impress the professor but: don't care, I got to pet a mini horse)

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