Friday, April 28, 2017

Good mail day

Well, at least one good thing for today - it was a good mail day. I got a "congratulations" card from my parents (on the research award) and one from a friend at church - who knows I don't take the local paper and so cut out the article on it and sent it to me. And a postcard in the latest round of the ITFF card swap (which apparently is going "on sabbatical" for now, more's the pity).

And these:

Two more "smol beans!" This is baby Whirly Twirl (left) and baby Ribbs (right). They are both Little Brother Ponies (apparently the main sexual dimorphism in Gen 1 is the "unshorn fetlocks" on the males - the Big Brothers and I think the "Daddy" ponies from the family sets also have it).

These are "peekaboo" ponies with jointed necks.

Whirly Twirl was one I had wanted for a while after seeing him on someone else's pony blog (and seeing fanart of him). I love his color scheme and his "cutie mark" makes me smile (it is a helicopter).

Ribbs - well, Ribbs is cute too. And he was for sale at the same time from the same seller and of course Whirly Twirl needed a friend to travel across country with him so he wouldn't be scared.

His cutie mark is hard to see but it's a purple dragon - hm, a G1 inspiration for Spike? I don't know

And yes, because I always headcanon little family/friend relationships for these ponies: Whirly Twirl and Ribbs are from neighboring pony families, and they are best friends who always play together. (And I think Paws, another Baby Brother Pony, will have to be the third friend in the group).

Again, yeah - my pony world is very gentle and very safe, and I think that's something I kind of need. (When I was a kid I also figured out elaborate family-and-friend relationships for my dolls and animal toys, and I don't remember there being any really "antagonistic" relationships, like "this character bullies this other character" and I suspect that might have been a reaction to what I experienced a lot in school....that I wanted an imaginary world that was kinder and safer than the real one.)

Three Pony Amigos. (You can't tell, but Paws' head mold is slightly different from Ribbs' or Whirly Twirls' - he has a narrower snout and a closed mouth)

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