Saturday, April 01, 2017

No April fools

I know I am not that good at pranking so I won't even try. (I posted something on Twitter about writing a book called "The World-Changing Magic of Being one of The Few who Give a Cr*p" as a response to that "Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F...." book, but actually, I could see myself writing that. It would never get published, but yeah - sometimes you just have to step up and do something you'd rather not do. The key is, if EVERYONE does stuff they'd rather not do once in a while, then the Important Stuff gets done, and it doesn't always fall on the same people).

I do like some of the silly videos that some places put out:

I like this because it's unlikely anyone (well, anyone over 7 or so) would be likely to be fooled, it doesn't take anyone's dignity away, it's just funny and silly. I haven't seen as many of these kinds of things this year and I don't know if it's because April Fools' is a Saturday, or if it's that there's been enough weird stuff that's happened for real that April Fools' stories seem redundant.

Oh, and here's another! Thames Valley must have some clever people in their department:

But anyway. Taking a day at home because:

a. Tired.
b. Don't want to be out on a Payday Saturday that is also April Fool's Day
c. Probably should scale back on spending money.

I did run to Mart of Wal for milk and yogurt and the few essential "perishables" I needed. I *might* make a salmon loaf tomorrow - I have everything I need for that on the shelf.

I worked on Celestarium while re-watching The Beginning of Starlight Glimmer's Redemption. One thing that strikes me: "The way to really get rid of an enemy is to turn them into a friend."

Which maybe is okay on the schoolyard but isn't so great geopolitically. (Yes, I have trust issues, but maybe that's not such a bad thing in the adult world. Though then again, perhaps in a Kingdom of God sense it makes sense, but this world is far-enough fallen that....well, I don't know). But in the Better Universe that Equestria is, yes, more or less, that seems to be how it works:

1. Discord, who was at least partially reformed by Fluttershy's friendship (though he still has some growing up to do, I think, and who can still be awfully self-centered. But then again, don't we all have that friend who kind of is?)

2. The Changelings, who found a different way to interact with the love that apparently feeds them, through Thorax's willingness to be different.

3. GlimGlam, who is learning (and who got helped along by Trixie)

4. Trixie, who made a friend in Starlight Glimmer, and presumably is on the path to being less Mean Girl. (I have pretty much headcanoned that Trixie was either neglected by her parents, or otherwise had an awful fillyhood (orphanage, maybe?) as an explanation for why she acted the way she did)

5. Gilda, who became far less snarky after she realized she could bake decent scones and after Pinkie made some efforts to be friendly

6. Nightmare Moon, who was basically reformed by her sister's love

and there are other lesser cases....Moondancer's problems seem to largely have been solved by her friends reminding her that they really genuinely did love her (I think a lot of us relate to Moondancer because a lot of us often feel unworthy of our friends' love).

And I think that's yet another reason why I respond so much to the world described in Equestria: love (the agape type of love) and friendship are often the main thing it takes to solve someone's problem. Love in the human world isn't so easy, unfortunately....

But anyway. I finished Chart D of Celestarium and did the next round of increases. It is now at 288 stitches and I think this is the point where I start making pencil marks on the chart where I leave off working on it because it's unlikely I'll finish a whole round at one go. (And anyway, I can't stop at the exact end of a round; the stitch marker would fall off).

I am really enjoying working on this. Part of it is that there is the "let me work up to where I put the NEXT bead" drive of it. And there is just something satisfying about adding in the beads - like I said, it is like "making stars" because what you are doing is making a representation of the night sky.

I could see myself doing more beaded projects in the future, as long as I can use the crochet hook method, which is really simple to do.

Though I think now, seeing as the cartoons I want to watch are over (And Cartoon Network is doing some idiot thing where they show the regular cartoons, but "photoshop" - or whatever the video equivalent is - googly eyes on to the main characters, and while it might be funny for ONE fifteen minute episode, it gets really old really fast). So maybe I go and work on the current quilt top instead, or maybe I work on Spitfire if I can find a movie or something I want to watch. I want to get more done on Spitfire just in case I find I don't have the right orange yarns, I could get some for her mane next week.

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