Friday, March 31, 2017

barely suppressed squeal...

So yesterday I was talking about how I kind of wanted a stuffed Kerberos (or Kero) (in his cute, teddy-bear-like form, not his true wolf-like form) from Cardcaptor Sakura. And how all the plushies on Amazon were more moneys than I wanted to spend on such a thing.

So tonight, I said to myself, I said: maybe Ravelry has some fan made patterns?

Well, a search on Kerberos turned up nothing, but "Kero" got quite a few.

To me, Amanda GirĂ£o's looks like the winner. (Ami Amour's is also cute, but the pattern costs more, and it seems a bit less manga-accurate, so....)

So I have another stuffie in my queue. I'll have to find just the right color of yellow - I think the mustard I am using for Spitfire isn't quite right. (But next weekend - I might go to Sherman - I could look then)

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