Saturday, March 18, 2017

Moment of connection

I ran out to water my little plants, and I also made a run to $ChainDrugstore because I was out of the toothpaste I use (Aquafresh, NON whitening* - which not every place has but I know this place does)

(*I have sensitive teeth and I find whitening toothpastes make them worse. Of course almost every toothpaste out there now is a "whitening" kind)

Anyway, I took a swing by the Easter display, just because. Chuckled at the 2-foot-tall stuffed-toy version of Peeps bunnies (If I had more space, I'd consider buying one as a springtime sofa pillow, but storing it the other 10 months of the year - not so much).

And then I looked at the Easter basket goodies. Not the candy - still avoiding that and I find my willpower to is surprisingly good. But the little toys.

And lo, a new wave of Ponies has appeared! Halloween wave!  (Yeah, I don't get it either, but here in the central US you take the new waves when they come). My inner seven year old squealed and I grabbed several packages.

I got the other stuff I needed - the toothpaste, some hydrocortisone cream, more Claritin, some greeting cards - and went to the checkout.

The young woman checking out exclaimed (taking the blindbag packs out of my basket), "Oh, I love these!" I decided to drop any pretense of "they're for children in my life" and I kind of chuckled and said "So do I. And I've been waiting for a new series to come out where I didn't already have lots of them."

She responded: "You know there's a movie coming out this fall? Are you a fan of the show?"

And I said, yes I did, and yes, I was

And she laughed again: "Oh, this is great! You're my new best friend! What's your name?" and when I told her she laughed again and said "My name is Jerica! We're practically twins!"

It was kind of nice and fun.

And the blind bags were excellent, I got the one I wanted MOST out of that wave:

Raven Inkwell! Princess Celestia's assistant/secretary!

I also got Dental Tech Minuette:

(Maybe she's actually supposed to be a doctor; she's wearing a stethoscope, but given all the fan-lore about her, I think she kind of has to be a dentist)

I also got both of the Cakes in their costumes (I just grabbed the bags in order out of the box, these two were right next to each other
Mrs. Cake looks like she managed to lose her "foal weight" (they used a skinnier mold for her than the playset with the foals...)

And last, this weirdo:

Sprinkle Medley? What are you thinking? (And where did your wings go?)

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