Sunday, March 19, 2017

Break is over

Well, almost.

As is typical of these things, I never seem to either enjoy myself quite as much as I'd hoped, nor get quite as much work done as I'd hoped. (Then again: I successfully got fasting bloodwork done AND got the results back, I got my taxes done, I changed out the license plate on my car, I wrote an exam).

I did work a bit on Celestarium and might work a bit more on it tonight. And I sewed up all the blocks for "Line Dance" and am slowly applying what amounts to the sashing (and what will then be trimmed so they tilt). I did go antiquing and got some groceries ahead. I made a couple of pillowcases and sewed up a cut-and-sew toy.

I slept in. Tomorrow, 6 am is going to be kind of woeful because I wound up sleeping until nearly 7 much of the week (stupid DST). I should probably go to bed a little early tonight.

I watched cartoons - Oh Ponies, how I missed catching your re-runs more or less regularly.

I obtained yarn ahead for Gabby the Griffin - I think I'm going to do the Shibi Inu girl in a kimono first, then maybe Spitfire, and then Gabby. Or I might do them in different order.

I also started, and read most of, another Louise Penny novel - A Fatal Grace, which is the second in the series. (I think I'm going to read the rest of the series in order, after reading one that is later in the series and learning an Unpleasant Fact about a recurring character). I really do like these novels and I recommend them - someone, commenting on her novels, noted that one of the things that set them apart from some other modern mystery novels is that she seems to believe in the possibility of goodness in this world, and yes, I can see that. (And as I've said before: I just like Armand Gamache and his wife, Reine-Marie - they are good people, they have a good loving marriage, and it's just a relief to see that in entertainment)

Today after church the minister and I went out and did homebound communion, after not doing this for ages and ages (when we were between ministers, it was hard, and as I've said, for some reason I find calling people up on the phone and making the arrangements difficult, even though I know intellectually that the people are surely happy to hear from me and if they don't want a visit, there will be a good reason and they won't be rude about it). Only one couple - the other one we might have visited were down with bronchitis, and the third couple have made it back to church. The couple we visited were people I knew well - the woman used to be an elder, and she and I often went and delivered homebound communion back in the day. (Back surgery - very, very extensive back surgery - has her down, and her husband has other issues. But she's getting better and she hopes in a few more months she'll be even more mobile). We spent a bit over an hour visiting with them and then did communion. It was a good visit and I think if I were stuck in the house I would welcome being able to see someone I knew.

but I confess, I hope I'm not the one doing it EVERY month.

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