Monday, March 06, 2017

Happy mail day

(Forgive the wet hair and lack of make-up: I did my 50 minute workout and then needed to shower)

Anyway. My Doki Doki box was waiting on my porch. I *almost* opened it first, seeing as one corner was crushed and I was afraid it had been opened. (But I disciplined myself and did the workout first).

As it turns out, the box was the only thing damaged. This month's theme was "Hina Matsuri"  - the Japanese Girl's Festival. So it was kind of a girly box, which was fun.

This was my favorite thing:

Sasurai no Tabeneco is the brand, I guess - these are called marshmallow cats and they are VERY soft little stuffies. This one is apparently named Mikemura-san - sort of a cream colored cat with one black and one brown ear. They also have a little belly button on the underside.

And a Disney Princess cup. I got Jasmine:

It's a very nice heavy plastic, almost a melamine. I'll have to decide whether I need a new toothbrush mug in the bathroom, or if I would rather take it over to work as a pencil up. (And yes, I know: there are people who find Disney and the princesses Problematic, but almost everything these days is, and it's my office, anyway)

And a second stuffie:

PuniPuni, a rabbit "Empress" (it is traditional on Girls' Day to have a display of dolls, with the Emperor and Empress at the top)

There were several other things - a little pencil case, and a clip, and the inevitable Hoppe Chan, and an Atsune Neko keychain - but these things were my favorite (especially the little squishy cat)

There was ANOTHER box, in the mailbox this time: a surprise gift from a Ravelry friend. A slightly belated birthday present, but that's even better, because it's something on an ordinary day.

Bee works at the Bodleian and always sends excellent book-themed cards:

There were lots of little things in there - puffy Easter stickers, and a flowerpot eraser and a lipstick pen and a notebook and a big sucker (to be saved for after Lent, at this point!)

And this:

I need this blown up HUGE and hung on my office door these days.

And last but not least, a sheep stuffie!

(Also in that photo you can see the monster-girls t-shirt that was a past Doki Doki crate offering. I wear it as pajamas because it would be too hard to explain over at work, except to a v. few students who are into manga or anime.)


purlewe said...

YAY! doki doki!

Mariska Kehoe said...

Oh my gosh. I wanted the jasmine cup. I got the mickey and mini mouse one!