Sunday, March 26, 2017

Better part of valor...

I am writing this sitting on the bathroom floor.

(No, I am not trying to evoke echoes of "I Capture the Castle" here)

There's a tornado warning for Marshall county and they are hinting that Kingston (right across the lake from me) may be next. So I grabbed all my kit:
Sturdy shoes and socks
Bra (I am in "relaxation clothes)
stack of pillows and blankets in case I need to get in the bathtub for protection (No basements, it's probably not advisable to take the time to drive over to my building, even if I weren't creeped out being up there, likely alone, late in the evening - it's a designated shelter but still.)
Pillowcase (oh hey it's my new Paddington one) filled with the most irreplaceable stuffies. Yes, I know, but.

And I have my knitting, and about an hour and 45 minutes of battery life on this so I should be good until the most concerning time is over.

So, some cruddy webcam photos:

Hermione's Everyday Sock. Easier to knit on when you're alarmed than Celestarium would be.

Not to great photo of lumpy Paddington Bear pillowcase stuffed full of things important to me (mostly the ponies I have crocheted)

Yeah, they just listed Madill, which is pretty darn close to me, so it's good I'm in here.

Say hi, Pfred:

I can't physically lift a mattress (what they usually recommend you cover yourself with in the bathtub - to protect injury from flying debris. So I have a stack of quilts and pillows, and then I figured, well, I can lay Pfred on top of me (under the quilts) and that might provide a bit more safety, I don't know.

I am not sure if I dislike the unrelenting heat more, or the risk of late- evening tornadoes in the spring more, as my least-favorite feature of Oklahoma weather.

ETA at about 10 minutes of 9: they downgraded everything to Severe Thunderstorm Warnings. We still might get hail but that looks like the worst we will get.

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