Monday, February 06, 2017

pony mail day

It made things a little better. Today was still not a great day for various reasons.

But anyway, the new tiny bean:

Her hair is still essentially in factory condition.

And I don't have a pony with such brilliant hair or such a strongly contrasting color scheme. She's quite striking. Something about her seems slightly Rarity-esque, even though she's a Christmas pony and an earth pony.

And yes, I am calling her Krispies, since she doesn't have an official name but came from sending in boxtops from Rice Krispies (Oh, how I wish companies still did that! Nowadays you're lucky to find a code for some stupid online app inside a box. Everything is virtual and for someone like me who is very tactile, I find that disappointing).

The other pony isn't quite so perfect, but I don't want to try to fix her curls, because I'd probably make them worse:

Stripes, aka Maybelle (which is what I'm going to call her - Maybelle, because that was Ponified!Mabel Pines' name in the pony comic, and the cutie mark on this one is like the shooting star on Mabel's sweater). This is a Rainbow Curl Pony but the curls are a little frizzed.

if I knew someone near me with pony renovating experience, I'd hire them to wash, comb out, and reset the curls for me, but I'd be afraid to try it and make them worse.

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