Tuesday, January 31, 2017

so get this

I finally got home shortly before five. Had pretty much decided not to try to work out (but am feeling guilty about that, but then, the afternoon meeting was arduous and left me somewhat unhappy, and then I had grading to do).

I checked my phone's "missed calls."

One from my mom. Uh-oh. Remember what I was worrying about last night, in re: her taking a new med for the first time? So I called back. I got her on the third ring but she told me that, yes, in fact, she DID spend the morning in Urgent Care.

She woke up this morning with swollen lips. The doctor she saw said she COULD have taken Benadryl (but no idea if that'd totally control it, and also she said they didn't have any). The doctor gave her a prednisone shot and a dose-pack (which will also help with the back for a while). Doctor also told her to take NO MORE NSAIDS of ANY kind.

But, yipes. (She's going to see if their neighbor the pharmacist will take the extra pills to dispose of; they don't have a convenient med-disposal facility. You would THINK the chain-pharmacy they use would provide it as a service, but no).

But, I don't know. I'm just done, guys. Too many bad things happening, too many upsetting things. Eventually my adrenal gland is going to totally burn itself out over all these little shocks to the system.

Part of me just wants to resign my job and go up there and live with them to take care of them but I can't do that.

I also found out I was nominated for an award that I probably won't win, but I can't even feel happy about that, I'm too tired.

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