Friday, January 20, 2017

more smol beans

From the Pony Tumblr World: Tiny Bean Army
(From the idea that the baby ponies are "jellybeans," because of their shape).
Yeah. I love the "smol beans" (which yes, in internet slang means something different from how I'm using it here, but I don't care). I have lots of the G1 baby ponies now.

.....and another one on its way to me (Is the USPS now like the stork?)

I don't know if this is a pre-fluster for all the work I will be doing in the coming weeks, or a reward for having worked well enough up to this point to be asked to do things like be a Special Judge and write a paper for a proceedings, but....Baby North Star (which was one I'd wanted for a while after seeing her somewhere) is now going to be on her way to me. (Pink with purple hair. Pink is my second-favorite pony color after yellow).

Yeah, I know - but these things are like $15 or less and that seems pretty cheap for happiness to me. Less than ordering a couple pizzas.

So my tiny jellybean army grows.

 (When Baby North Star gets here, maybe I should put all my "tiny jellybeans" together for a "class photo")

(And I have a draft of the Introduction of the paper written. And I have verified that indeed I am a Special Judge; the person in charge of this seems really thrilled I'm willing to help out, but to me it seems utterly logical, seeing as it's my area of expertise and I will ALREADY be there for other judging - might as well do two bits of service with one trip seeing as the Science Fair can't afford to reimburse mileage any more).

And I found out that yes indeedy, I am teaching Environmental Policy and Law this fall. Eeeeep. Especially eeeeeep given it's a new Administration that is probably going to tinker with tons of things (or at least try to), so I will have to keep up with current events.....

BUT: this further cements the HEY YOU GUYS IN THE HIGHER ECHELONS YOU REALLY NEED ME BECAUSE I WOULD BE SUPER HARD TO REPLACE idea - I know my own department knows my value but I worry about the layers above it. So I'm taking on extra stuff to keep on proving it.

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