Friday, January 20, 2017

Maybe looking up?

I think it is generally agreed by many people that 2016 was a terrible year. And yeah, geopolitically, there are probably questions about 2017. (And yes, I know. But I have friends and family on all sides of the political spectrum so I have decided to work without much comment. Besides, my MO is much more work quietly behind the scenes to try to improve individual people's lives rather that some other things)

Locally, hopefully, things may be looking up for me. I posted yesterday about feeling more content with teaching again - I think part of that is having only one section of each class (so no coordinating multiple sections), part of that is that a couple difficult folks have moved on.

But a couple other good things:

- the good thing that I alluded to in re: the congregation I am part of seems to be progressing as I am hoping it will. If it works out, it may turn out to be an extremely good thing.

- my landline is working again; the guy called mid morning on my cell phone and verified there would be no barriers to enter my backyard and that he had my permission (yes on both counts). I came home, dial tone again, I can call out. No static. (I am wondering if water got into the junction box)

- the biggest thing, though? Yesterday afternoon my graduate advisor e-mailed me - hey, any way you could write a paper for the proceedings of the meetings you presented a paper at? Turns out he received very few papers and at least one is going to have to be rejected, so he needs more to fill it out. I waffled at first....will I have time? But then I looked at the poster again and decided if I could have a month I might be able to do it - if I can motivate myself (I think I can), I will start this Saturday. (Really, it won't be that difficult; much of the analysis is already done and it's really just writing it and maybe finding a few more background resources, but I'm good at that. (And yes, he e-mailed back and I could have a month or maybe even a little more, so I'm going to try to do this)

I was just thinking last week about how no one ever "begged" me to do anything that benefited me....that came about when I was out and about and saw one of those party stores with a sign up saying "Woo your valentine!" and I felt slightly sad to think no one had ever tried to "woo" me (at least, not so I'd recognize it, and sometimes I'm a little blind to things - there have been a few times where after a conversation or something, an hour after it ended, I kind of mentally smacked my forehead and said "Idiot! He might have been trying to flirt with you and you weren't reciprocating!")

But that also applies with other things - with friends and stuff, all too often I fear I am the slightly ubiquitous friend who maybe becomes a little tiresome. And with work, I rarely feel like I'm "impressive" enough for people to want to ask me to do things that will gain me anything like prestige. (Identify a weird bug, yes. Even try to identify a mineral (I THINK it was pyrite, but referred the guy to the campus geologist to be sure) someone picked up in Alaska).

So yes, part of the reason I want to do this is that it is slightly flattering to be asked. But also, it probably won't be that difficult or long to do - and potentially (provided it's good enough), it's another publication, which is always good.

Also, I have a little time - my research student did a lot of work towards helping set up Run 2 of the current research. I'm going to work on that some later today.

I'm really hoping this is maybe a start of a successful cycle for me, where I get stuff done.

- And I just got a letter today confirming I will be a Special Judge at the state science fair (for a botany award). Maybe it doesn't carry much prestige, but I can put it on my CV and also it does help out the group - and this is the group that gave me money for research, so I have an interest in "paying back" a little.

Also, all of these things make it more obvious that I'm not being lazy, which in the current higher-ed climate, is increasingly important.

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purlewe said...

I am happy that things seem to be coming up daisies for you. I want to celebrate all the good things for people right now. Pretend I am throwing confetti in your honor!