Friday, January 13, 2017

funny-named hat

Gentle readers, a warning: a few uses of one "swear" word (an anatomical term that also could designate a donkey). I can't quite reveal what makes this funny to me without using it.

(Then again: the word does seem to be in current use on Network tv, so maybe it's not as "bad" as it once was? When I was a kid, even "crap" and "butt" were seen as tantamount to swearing, so....)

But anyway. Some time back String Theory Colorworks (one of my FAVORITE sources for striping yarn) had a colorway called Uranus.

The idea amused me. Because I'm 12 inside, right? And Uranus is the planet name that makes every 12 year old giggle, because "Your anus" (or, in the misguided attempt to cut down on giggling, "Urine-us")

And then I thought: wait, wait, I don't want to make Uranus socks. I want a Uranus HAT.

Because: Uranus hat --> Your Anus Hat ---> Ass-hat (a common term of insult, at least on the internet, for a contemptible person. Presumably it comes about because the person has their head so far up their fundament that they are wearing it as a hat).

And granted, I strive very, very hard not to be one of those. But the idea and the name still tickled my inner 12-year-old. So I bought the yarn, and over break I knitted the hat (in just about a day and a half, and I was literally racing time to get it done before I had to leave on the 4th - I think I pulled the tail end through the last six stitches about 15 minutes before I had to leave for the train station).

And voila! Uranus-hat!

uranus hat

It's pretty bright. That teal is even more neon than it looks in the photo. But it's still sort of pretty.

uranus hat ii

(You can see a little bit of my "reformed Starlight Glimmer hair swoop" sticking out from under my right-hand - your left - side of the hat)

The pattern is a super simple one - Jane Tanner's Scraptastic Hat (Ravelry link). It's a nice pattern, and is good for making little beanie type hats out of sockyarn. (It's also designed so you can use miniskeins or leftover bits if you want). 

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