Thursday, December 15, 2016

bags are packed

I think I have everything.

I *hope* I have everything - full suitcase, full carry-on, full purse. I know I have my medications, which are probably the single biggest thing that would pose a problem if I didn't have them (then again: probably a call to the pharmacy I use here could lead them to forward a refill-order to a pharmacy up there....I just don't want to test that out). Have my tickets. Have too many books and too much yarn, probably, but that's one of the pleasures of break, being able to do what I want.

I managed to fit the Hagrid sweater into my carry on and I have a goal of finishing it this break.

Didn't fit in the German books but that's okay.

I have a few minor tasks left (put the automatic waterers on the house plants, take out the trash) and a card to drop in the mail (I almost forgot one of the ladies who used to belong to my church: she moved up to Tulsa to live with her son and his family when her mobility problems got too bad, and I know she is lonely and likes getting cards from her "family" down here).

The weather looks okay for traveling but it's going to turn (briefly, thank goodness) bad while I'm up in Illinois. (My parents have a generator so if the power goes out we will still have heat, will still be able to keep food refrigerated, and will still be able to heat things in the microwave).

I have Fluttershy and Minty and Derpy to travel with me. And yes, it matters to me. I can travel okay without them (would do it if I had to) but having them makes things happier, so....why should I go without? (And I wonder how much of the pushback where some claiming people who genuinely seek a little comfort are "wimps" fail to realize that, yes, we COULD do this without whatever comfort we are desiring, but we DON'T HAVE TO and so why should we?)

No idea about the status of my train; Amtrak's track-a-train map is apparently down (it goes down a lot) and that displeases me. (So I guess I use the old Dixieland Software page, which has essentially the same information, just not estimated ETAs for further-down-the-line stations)

I may do an occasional "real time" post as I can get to the computer, otherwise there's canned stuff until the end of the year. Have a good one - Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, Happy Holidays (I know Diwali is already past or I'd wish a happy one, same with Eid) and Happy New Year.

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