Friday, December 16, 2016

"A Child's Christmas...."

Back when I was in prep school, we had a stage actor come and be "in residence" for a while. I cannot remember his name (I THOUGHT it was "Dowling" but none of the Dowling-actors I find on the internet seem to fit). Anyway, as part of his "appreciation" for being asked, he got all of us tickets to a stage production of "A Child's Christmas in Wales," which he was involved in. (I think it was up at one of the Cleveland theaters? Maybe? I don't think it was at EJ Thomas Hall in Akron, that was where we went for the Nutcracker).

But since then, it's been a favorite of mine. I think I still have an audiotape I bought of the poet (Dylan Thomas) reading it.

Here's a production of the piece. So many great lines: the Useful and Useless gifts, the "Oh, easy for Leonardo!" and “And books which told me everything about the wasp, except why.”And the image of the tipsy, full-bosomed aunt singing....

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