Sunday, November 06, 2016

The Holidayening Begins...

Sounds like a horror movie title but to me it's the exact opposite of a horror movie.

Yeah, I started decorating for Christmas this afternoon.

First thing I did - found a place to line up all my G1 (and two G3) ponies for the nonce. It's not ideal because it's on top of my 7' high bookcases and it's hard to reach them to pick them up and kiss them (and yes I do this occasionally and yes it makes me feel better when I am sad). But for now it's nice to be able to see all the happy pastel ponies. I tried to keep the little "family groups" I imagined (e.g. the two ballerina pony sisters) together:

ponyshelf 1

ponyshelf 2

ponyshelf 3

(Whoops! Yoda photobomb! Hahahaha,. I didn't see that until just now.)

I....may have a little bit of a pony problem seeing as I have been collecting these for less than a year (Posey and Bubbles were purchased December 2015) and I now have somewhere around 20 of them.

I also put up the tiny wreath I bought at the Women's Gift Exchange. (They also had super cute organza gift bags with appliqued trees; I got one to wrap my mom's mitts in)

tiny wreath

It's some kind of flexible resin with glitter and little rhinestones for the berries. I used one of those "Command" hooks (with allegedly-removable adhesive) to hang it, which is also how I hung the lights:


Both the doorway into the living room from the tiny entryway, and the doorway between the living and dining rooms. (Next up is cleaning the dining room so I can put down my new Christmas tablecloth.)

front door

And one of the ornaments. I don't think this is very old (it has a tag from the Russ Berrie company and says Made in Taiwan) but it was only a dollar and it appealed to me, so:

alicorn with flash

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