Monday, November 21, 2016

The flip side

Is where I will catch you all.

(Sorry. Child of the 70s, even though I really was a CHILD in the 70s. I have also occasionally said "groovy" but mostly in an ironic way).

My train is back on time so I need to leave here in just a few minutes (because of the construction detour I have to take).

I got the first big set of exams graded; the second set can wait until I get back. Part of my stress earlier was I don't like having work hanging over and waiting for me.

I guess I'm glad I'm going; I just don't deal well with too many people in too little space and having to sit around and wait on other people when something needs to be done. (Barbara Holland once wrote about how live-alones tend to 'fossilize' into certain behaviors - she suggested that some became hardcore conspiracy theorists and the like. My fossilization is more on the order of "I like things done the way I like them done" and "I don't like sitting around for an hour while people dither about whether we should go for ice cream at Ice Cream Place A or Ice Cream Place B.")

I think I have taken care of everything I need in advance of leaving.

If nothing else, I do have a good number of quiet hours on the train when I can read.

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