Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Still not yet

I have two dragonfly wings to make and a ladybug. And then eyes to install on the critters that need eyes. (They will be embroidered even though I think Niece is over the age of "swallow it, stick it in the ear, or stick it up the nose" for small things)

The dragonfly is particularly pleasing even as it was fiddly to make - I used a shiny turquoise yarn for the body, like the Blue-Eyed Darner and other species of damselflies.

the little frog is particularly pleasing in shape - I may wind up making one for myself.

I will say I'm not that in love with working with the yarn for most of them - I bought a bag of "Minis" from....I forget the brand name (It is not Lion Brand "Bonbons," it's another brand that I think is actually a British or Aussie brand. Sullivan's, maybe?), but the yarn is 4-ply (thinner than what these patterns actually request) and is super-slippery and it's very hard to knit tiny diameter tubes on dpns.....I've been doing more parts of these as i-cord than the patterns suggest, but I got fed up with mildly cursing every time a needle slid out of the two stitches it was supposed to be holding. (It seems that three stitches per needle is the bare minimum for enough yarn-tension to hold the needle in place)

I bought two bags of the stuff at Stitches N Stuff, not knowing (a) how many toys I would make and (b) how much of a "Minnie" it would take to make one. I'll have the better part of the second bag left over. Maybe I DO make that funny striped scarf for my Sweetie Belle toy that I was thinking of doing last year....I think the shiny yarn might be more in keeping with who Sweetie Belle "is" than the more matte Lion Brand.

I want to get back to knitting for myself. Selfish, maybe, but I am often so unselfish with my time and energy during the day that maybe I need to take back a little in the evenings.

Oh, one other thing: Blogger made a weird little change:


I don't know if those will come through but Blogger now does emojis. (Those are cat faces)

Though I generally feel like this about emojis: πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜žπŸ™… at least they now ALSO have the option for easily doing accented letters and since I occasionally brag my ability to write/speak French, and my (limited) ability of the same with German, this will make it easier than looking up unicodes and the like.

Also, an idle thought: has anyone done haiku in emoji yet? Either five-seven-five figures, or like a rebus, where the words-for-the-things have the 5-7-5 haiku format. 

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purlewe said...

I would really like to see these little toys you knit for your niece. (if you have time)