Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Two more ponies

I have to go and prep the chicken, and I'm awfully tired after grading all those exams (and allergies, and just everything going on in the world), but here are two more G1 ponies:

Big sister, little sister

Silky Slipper (big sister) and Baby Softsteps (little sister).

I've said before how I find the idea of "ballerina ponies" kind of amusing but I guess this was a G1 thing, probably something they thought little girls related to because (a) lots of little girls do ballet class* and (b) "Ballerina" is one of those fantasy careers little girls dream of**

But I do like these ponies because they are articulated and can move. (Though Silky Slipper is kind of oddly proportioned and doesn't stand quite right).

I have headcanoned that Silky Slipper is perhaps the equivalent of about 16, but a grown-up and sophisticated (and not pouty-teenagerish) 16, and Softsteps is maybe about 5, and Silky Slipper is super protective and loving towards her little sister, and Softsteps looks up to her talented and popular big sister.

(Yes. My headcanon Pony Lives are happier than my own childhood was sometimes. I kind of wished I had a big sister a lot of the time to show me the ropes and to maybe look out for me. Instead, *I* was the big sister of a little brother and while I now realize when he was really little he DID look up to me, a lot of the times I found him kind of tiresome.....)

(*I did, briefly, but I liked tumbling better and also the ballet teacher was kind of mean and picky so my mom let me drop it after the first six-week session or so)

(**which is actually kind of twisted given how few girls actually have the necessary skill, athleticism, bone structure, and everything else being a ballerina requires - even as a skinny-ish kid I would have been too "chunky" to have been a ballerina, and I got fat when I hit puberty)

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