Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I have a....

So, I came home and decided that maybe some of the crabbiness that developed over the course of the day was related to (a) stiffness from not having exercised in the morning (my allergies were so bad when I woke up that I went "one more hour" and reset the alarm and (b) guilt feelings over having not exercised.

So I decided to do the dvd workout, which is just over half an hour and usually makes me feel better.

But I needed a quick snack first, as it had been a long time (and a field lab) since lunch. I grabbed one of the "fruit pouches" I buy - these are essentially applesauce blended with other fruits. (And I know, I know - but these have no added sugar beyond what's in the fruit, and anyway, I have bad teeth so easy-to-eat food is nice sometimes when my sinuses make my teeth hurt).

Well, one of them is an apple pineapple blend.

I never realized it before, but: "I have an apple....I have pineapple...."

And yeah, it made me laugh and got me out of my crabbiness a little.

Gratuitous sweaty post-workout shot with an unopened package of the stuff:

Yes, I know. I find that more amusing than I should, but I've never claimed not to like stupid silly stuff.

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CGHill said...

For what it's worth, PPAP actually crashed the Billboard Hot 100 this week, landing at #77.