Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I also have


Well, new-old pony. New to me but likely made when I was in high school.

Sparkle Baby Firefly (who is different from just-plain Firefly, who is different from Fyre-fly)

I really love the Sparkle Ponies, and I also especially love the Baby Ponies. (I think I have more of the Baby variety than the Adult variety now). There's something so appealing about the tiny size and the little round bodies.

I now have three sparkle baby ponies - and they are a unicorn (Sparkle Baby Gusty), a pegasus (Sparkle Baby Firefly) and an "earth pony*" (Sparkle Baby Starflower). That pleases me. (I don't know if any others were made in the Sparkle Baby line or not. But it's nice to have one of each type).

Some time I have to photograph some of the little "family groupings" I have imagined up.

(*I think it's funny how easily fans started calling regular (non-mythical beast) ponies "Earth Ponies." It makes me think of how, back in grade school, we talked about "Chocolate Milk" and "White Milk." "White Milk" was just plain milk, but somehow we had to give it that qualifier. I'd like to know when the tradition of calling it "White Milk" got started....)

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