Sunday, September 04, 2016

Weekend's NOT over

For a change. This is one of those rare Monday federal holidays that we actually get off from work.

And I am taking it off. Saturday I went in and finished the next chapter, and wrote an exam for the end of this week, and typed up the AAUW minutes. And then I came home and cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom, including an actual scrub (as in: bucket of hot soapy water, cloth, hands and knees. I try to do that once a month and in-between times spot-clean or use those "wet" Swiffer clothes, but I don't always make those time-points). This time I used a new cleaner, called Citrasolv or some such (from the natural-foods store). So my whole house smells like orange oil now. (I hope it's naturally antibacterial. I don't like using triclosan and the like but am more okay with natural botanical things).

I also re-organized my tea shelves, and managed to consolidate some packages (I had tins of some things and packets that were refills, and was able to empty some of the packets into their appropriate tin). I also "married" a few duplicate bottles of things: I had two bottles of molasses open* and two of corn oil, and some cleaners and things.

(*Does molasses go bad? I've never known it to though I don't use it THAT often. I'm guessing the high sugar content discourages bacterial growth. At the worst, I suppose it could ferment (yeasts) but that would be fairly obvious before you consumed it)

(That actually inspires me. I think I'm going to do baked beans tomorrow with the leftover bacon I have in the fridge. And I might also make a batch of gingerbread - I spotted a new-to-me recipe in Melissa Gilbert's (Yes, that Melissa Gilbert) "prairie" cookbook.)

Today, after church, I tackled my bedroom. It had gotten bad as this is the room no one but me sees, so I tend to leave it until last. Got rid of lots of junk, sorted books (I found a few I either figured I'd never re-read, or, in one case, was a duplicate) and will drop those off at the public library for their book sale (it's in October, so surely they're accepting books now). Cleaned, swept, put lots of stuff away, reorganized my closet. Washed the little rug that's on the floor beside my bed.

This is partly because I still have not replaced the ceiling fan. (The big hurdle being my room was so much of a jumble I was embarrassed to have someone in to work on it). I do have to GET a fan and have not yet decided whether to (a) just go to Lowe's, (b) see if there's a lighting store that might have better brands, or (c) use one of the mail-order places like Overstock. I presume Hunter is one of the better brands? (I checked this year's Consumers Reports guide, but of course they didn't have ceiling fans). I need one with an overhead light on it maybe a lighting store would be the place to look. I may have to dip into savings for it (it's been an expensive month so far and with the lower summer pay....) but that's kind of what savings is for, I guess. It will be nice to have a proper overhead light in there again. (The lights still DID work on it but I was afraid to turn it back on after the motor burned out).

Tomorrow I am taking the day OFF. I haven't cleaned the guest room but maybe it doesn't get cleaned this go-round. (Or maybe I do it next weekend). I'm almost done with the back on Raven and I want to get that done and start the sleeves so I have that as a possibility for when I invigilate my first exams of the semester next week. (Other option: start a hat for a sailor)

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Anonymous said...

Hunters are the only ones we can stand in the bedroom because they make virtually no noise!--Kim in Oregon