Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Day at home

It was nice to take a full day off for once. Oh, I still practiced piano and I still did a workout, but other than that I didn't do any of the usual daily commitments.

I did finish the back of Raven and started the first sleeve. I also pulled out Starbuck, figured out where I was, and added a few more rows - including dividing for the sleeve placement.

I also made a batch of baked beans, and a batch of gingerbread. The gingerbread is from that Melissa Gilbert cookbook I referred to, and I think I have a new favorite recipe for it. It's a lot simpler than the recipe I had used in the past (and also does not require buttermilk, which I rarely have on hand). Everything it calls for is stuff I always have on hand anyway, which is nice.

It's nice to have the house somewhat cleaned up. I think I worry when it gets messy - "What if I break an ankle or something and have to get people in to help me, what will they think?"  This was a big worry back in January when I was having the stomach troubles, wondering what I would do if I would need surgery or something and couldn't function on my own for a while.

This will be a slightly easier week from the standpoint that today is quiz-and-review day in both sections of my intro class, and Thursday is an exam in there (except of course I have to grade it) and I give an exam in another class....so less talking, which is good, because my allergies have not been so good. (Another reason I wanted to get the house at least mostly cleaned - get rid of the tracked in pollen and dust).

It's interesting how much BETTER and willing to take on the day I feel when I've had a little time off (or, perhaps, when I've gotten an obligation - cleaning house - out from hanging over my head). Maybe I need to be more protective of my time in the future. This fall, I only have one afternoon class (a lab) so maybe I can get a lot of work done up on campus so I don't have to bring it home with me to work on - or, alternatively, on grading-days, come home for lunch and STAY home to grade where it's more quiet.

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kbehroozi said...

FYI on buttermilk, I've discovered an awesome ingredient that you can always have on hand that works as well or better (according to America's Test Kitchen) in most recipes requiring buttermilk: Saco Foods powdered buttermilk.

I think King Arthur's Flour also makes one. It keeps in your fridge for a year (but mine doesn't usually last that long).