Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Instituting "new rule"

Yes, once again.

At one point in time I had a rule where I would spend one hour per day working on research (giving myself Sundays off, and usually Wednesdays or whatever other "wharrgarrrbllll I'm teaching for six hours straight" day I had off). This could include setting up research, collecting data, data entry, writing, or even just reading articles related to my research. (I don't read enough these days. At least not enough not-stupid stuff).

So, as part of my "Halt My Personal Stupidification in 2016 (well, what's left of it)" campaign, I'm reviving the rule.

Off to head home with a stack of articles and a plan to read them. And the same tomorrow, the same Friday.....and maybe I can let the butterfly workshop thing count for Saturday, seeing as I will be making some contacts.

But maybe this will be what it takes to:

a. Make me stop feeling like I'm getting dumber and

b. Make me stop feeling like I'm lazy and not achieving anything work-related.

Yes, arguably I do push myself too hard, but when all I have to guide myself in adulthood is "making it up as I go along," it's really hard to know what's enough, what's too little, or what's too much. (I was going to say "what's right and what's wrong," but I think I have a reasonable handle on right and wrong, at least in a moral perspective. Not being incarcerated suggests that I am at least reasonably successful at THAT)

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