Thursday, September 29, 2016

Everyone's so angry

I know, I know, I know the old saying: "if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."

Well, dangit, I'm tired of paying attention. Most of the bad stuff going on is stuff I can do hang-all about. The stuff I can control (mainly: how I treat other people), I do.

So instead, I look for fun things.

This has caught my attention (And yes, it's all over the internet right now, and you don't have to click play if you totally hate it):

That makes me laugh every time I see it.

A couple thoughts:

a. I think part of my enjoyment of it is that I realized it was a guy playing a character - this is a comedian and the "character" in the video is apparently a DJ character he does. Sort of like a more benign and sillier version of "Borat."

b. I wonder if there's some linguistic joke in there, if the guy is playing on the fact that (to a non-English speaker) "Apple-pen" sounds kind of like pineapple, and yeah, "pineapple" is a kind of a silly name for that particular fruit. (In French and in German, the fruit is called Ananas, which is the genus name of it, so that makes more sense. I THINK the genus name was derived from a Native word in the place it came from, meaning "excellent fruit.")

c. I just like things that are silly and nonsensical and don't appear to have any deeper meaning.

I admit, though, because I tend to be a little dense about some of the more edgy or out-there double entendres, I thought I better check up to be sure there isn't any meaning behind the song that would make people go "Ew, gross! What kind of a kink must you have to like THAT song?"

As far as I can tell: No, it's just as simple as silly wordplay. (And confirmation that the guy is playing a funny character - so it's OK to laugh at the character because you're not actually making fun of the guy)

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