Monday, August 29, 2016


(I need to subtitle this blog "next mood swing in 3....2....1." I'm serious)

Today ended a lot better than the midpart was.

I came home to a package in my mailbox. I pulled it out. I surmised, "It feels like a Pony"

and then I thought: Wait, I haven't *ordered* any ponies. And then, oh no, did I mistakenly order one? Sleep-shopping? What?

Then I thought: it can't be. It must be some kind of weird little research item or something like that. Even though I didn't recognize the Seattle address it came from.

So I opened it. (I don't even worry any more about odd packages, even after living through the anthrax-in-the-news of 2001, and long before that, my dad once telling me, back in the days the Unabomber was active, that if a weird looking package with too much postage and a "greasy" look showed up, I was to call the cops and not open it....)


fire and water

This is Waterfire, a G3 pony I had wanted ever since I saw her on someone's pony blog, but who tends to be ruinously expensive on eBay (you can't even find her on Etsy; there are a few "customs" of G4s repainted to be Waterfire but that's not the same).

I wanted her because of cool color combination but also because she is the Prairie Fire pony in my mind: water and fire!

I'm wondering now if one of my Rav friends did this; I know there was someone who was talking about disposing of some childhood toys including a few ponies and I joked that "If you have a Waterfire, send her to me, because I want her." I don't recognize the address, so it's not someone I know WELL.

But really: Waterfire!

G3s sometimes have their symbol repeated in their eyes. Waterfire does - she has fiery eyes! I love this:

firey eye

I have one other G3, this one sent to me by my Ravelry friend chiengoraspinner. I named her Calypso, after the moon of Saturn (Kathy's daughter does a little customizing and Calypso is a custom job):

Calypso and Waterfire

Even better, here is a bit of the "backcard story" for Waterfire: "This quiet pony always brings a big stack of books to the beach. She doesn't get to read much, though, because all her friends want her to watch their daring dives." So she's a pony that likes books, even better! (info from Strawberry Reef)

Also, apparently there's an event (some sources say Providence, some say Pawtucket, which is actually where Hasbro is based, but at any rate: in Rhode Island) called Waterfire and I can only assume her name is a nod to that which makes me smile even a little more. This is such a great pony.

And here is the webcam photo of me with Waterfire,  since this is a thing with me now:

 And maybe to bring this back around to the events of the day: "Do you know what happened to the man who got everything he ever wanted? He lived happily ever after."

(Though really, I don't believe that: I think it's probably good for us NOT to get everything we ever wanted; if we did, what would there be to live for and dream about?)

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CGHill said...

WaterFire is definitely in Providence, and there are several events under its banner every year.

Pawtucket sits on Providence's northern border.

(I wouldn't know any of these things except that I ran part of a World Tour through Woonsocket, hard by the Massachusetts border.)