Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday afternoon random

* Even though the dewpoint isn't AS high as it's been, it still feels super humid and gross here, and my joints kind of ache. I think tonight might be an early night for me; I think my allergies are getting to me to - I feel very tired and that's often a mark of bad allergies for me.

* I can tell the humidity was bothering me yesterday; had a short period of pounding heart and a feeling of anxiety, and without a clear cause - that sometimes happens when I'm fighting a bit for breath. I think it's probably related to asthma. (It's entirely possible I forgot my monteleukast tablet yesterday morning)

* A few more things have been coming out after Gene Wilder's death. The biggest being that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's but did not want it made widely known, because he didn't want to make people sad. (He always struck me as a very kind and gentle man, and that seems in keeping). I actually feel less sad about his passing knowing that; apparently he "left" before it got so bad that he didn't recognize his family or had had bad effects on his personality. (There is a letter out that a nephew of his wrote about it).

* I've also seen several accounts describing him as shy, and yes, I got that sense from watching some of his performances. (Huh. Maybe "shydar" is a thing. As in, those of us who are can sometimes recognize others who are).

* I also read that they were originally writing the Willy Wonka role for Fred Astaire, but that Wilder was chosen instead. I can almost see Astaire as Wonka but I think Wilder made a far better Wonka. (The songs, though....I can imagine Astaire singing "Pure Imagination" and Wilder's voice actually strikes me as similar - high and a bit thin, but not in a displeasing sort of way. ) I think Astaire wouldn't have been willing to be slightly "silly" in the way Wilder was. (I think "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is my favorite Gene Wilder movie. As much as I have laughed at "Blazing Saddles" and think it's brilliant, and as much as the same about "Young Frankenstein," there is something special about "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Maybe that just means I'm an overgrown kid, I don't know. ).

* There are worse things to be than an overgrown kid, though, I think.

* In a few minutes I need to cut up and coat the chicken I am going to oven-fry for the college-aged fellowship. We have a small core of college students who have been coming to church on Tuesdays to play games and study and we all take turns feeding them. I decided maybe doing chicken "from scratch" would be cheaper than getting a bucket of chicken (there are about 15 people to feed). I also have a crock pot full of baked beans - just canned beans but dressed up a bit with some molasses and mustard and a few strips of bacon.

*Annnd I have bacon left over. I am considering doing baked beans this weekend (yes, darn the sodium, full speed ahead - I don't know how much sodium the bacon adds anyway if you don't salt the beans and if you don't actually eat the bacon itself. Some recipes I've read that call for salt pork don't show unusually high sodium in their nutritional information....)

* I also need to think of a "salad" for AAUW Thursday night. I am torn between either just cutting up some of the (probably too much for me) cheese I've bought recently and getting some fruit (the Green Spray has better produce than the Wal-Mart and anyway they are closer and more sane) or perhaps making a quick bread of some kind. (I have a Krusteaz box mix for blueberry muffins on the shelf - they are the only "box mixes" I use, theirs are the best - and you can turn it into a blueberry loaf). The fruit and cheese would probably take less time in the long run; often quick breads take distressingly long to bake fully.

* I'll be glad when all of this "cooking to take somewhere" is over.

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